Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 06 - Sunday, Bloody Sunday

For the first time in my life I start my working week on a Sunday, and worst of all it is my first day.
There are many interesting people at work.
First of all is a guy from Trivandrum where I worked in India, he actually worked in the same company where I was. He seemed to be relieved and glad to meet someone, even a total foreigner, who had something in common with him. He said he was very homesick, missed the food and being near his people.
There is a teacher from Savannah College in Chicago, contrary to the what one would expect he's actually british, has lived in Brazil for a short while and is friends with my ex-boss at Cineste in LA. He realy knows his stuff and is teaching us the software, I guess I'm very fortunate to have him around.
There is a guy from Canada but who worked with a spanish friend of mine in Australia (what a salad!!!). This friend is a real character so we had some good laughs telling each other stories about him.
There are russians, americans, french and of course Israelis. The atmosphere is very upbeat. I also took a look at the film, its at a very raw stage but it is excellent. There is a lot of work ahead, which is overwhelming and exciting at the same time, there is a lot of scope to do cool stuff.
The company has just moved, there are many new people, so work in progress is the best way one can describe the general setting. These are early days and hopefully the team will be able to get it's show together and make a great job.
People leave quite early and the Hotel is literally across the road which makes the evening long, and it can get a bit boring. I guess I'll use the time to catch up with some studying of the software. There is a ridiculous amount of stuff to learn.

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