Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Week

It's been pretty stressful for Libia back home with so many things to do, sell. The company suggested I go back home to help her but they would not cover the days nor pay the ticket, which makes it too expensive specially now that the bank has still not reimbursed the stolen money.

This year was also plagued with expenses, but still there are good reasons to feel guilty.

Last week was another one with virtually nothing to do, I had another drawing lesson with a middle aged tatooed lady who must have had a glorious past.

We all went with to see Kung-Fu Pands which was very funny and kept everyone wandering if we could ever come close to doing something even similar. After that there was the usual dinner and drinking session with everyone talking a lot of rubbish.

The drinking was in I guess the bohemian part of town where probably all the alterative people with tattoos and dreadlocks in town go. It reminds me a lot of the Lapa district in Rio, for those who know Rio.

The big event though was the display of inhumanity by Hizbollah who fooled Israel in exchanging two dead bodies for five terrorists. One of them was convicted for having killed a dad in front of his daughter and then killed her by crashing her skull. He had a hero's reception in the Lebannon. The two dead bodies Israel received were of the soldier for whom Israel had gone to war in order to rescue. Their families had never been told anything about their fate and until the last moment believed they were alive.

Perhaps if I weren't here I wouldn't have felt so bad for the families, but it was a very sad ordeal for them.

Talking of which I have contacted my family here and we have combined to have dinner together next Friday night.

One interesting outing was to the Mea Shearim district, the one of the Ultra Orthodox-Jews, Everyone there is dressed as one can imagine, this was a few hours before the Shabbat so one could really feel the electricity in the air. It probably feels like the ghettoes of 150 years ago, what comes to mind is a favela of not so poor Jews, who must have an enviable sense of community.

One of the books my landlord left here is about the impact of the Haredi on Jerusalem. I read there that because they have a much bigger birth rate than the secular Jews, and usually are not the best of neighbours to people different to them, they are driving many people out of Jerusalem, if you add this to the fact that their vote often decides the tight elections here, it is estimated that in a not to very distant they will take over the city.

Iwhile on the subject, have also been going to the Bible school (yeshiva) where I was invited to last week. They have all the books one can imagine on the subject and the guys there know every letter of the Holy Books.

I had dinner this time at one of the Rabbis' house and it always really something special a Shabbat dinner at a Rabbis house.

The distressful thing however is that I learned last week that having “illicit” relations, I.e. with a non-Jewess, i.e, my wife is placed together with worshiping other gods and murder as crimes punishable by death. That did cause a bit of an internal discomfort, as I heard it several times.. I am glad to let you know that I am still alive.

I've actually been playing basketball once a week, which I'm coping with despite my pre-geriatric fitness.

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