Saturday, July 26, 2008


This week was particularly frustrating in terms of work. They are trying to do a trailer and nothing really works, they disregard recommendations from the more experienced “foreign legion” working there and it is just chaos.

The weekend was great though.

I finally visited my family here in Jerusalem. It was great to see them again after decades. The sown side is that my aunt is with a literally crippling back ache, which is giving her a horrendous time. I had back pain last year and can only imagine what she is going through. She can't move nor function properly due to it. Very heartbreaking as she is such a lovely and lively person even in her sickness.

After two very religiously correct Shabbats I decided to accept the invitation of some work colleagues to go down to Tel Aviv with them. The plans shifted during the trip and we ended up in Cesareia. It was a great idea to go there.

The beach is fantastic, the water was nice and warm, the sun could not be better the sand is like the fine sand one finds in Brazil so I felt at home for a couple of hours. I managed to actually do some body surfing. Although the waves are not ideal I could ride one or two.

Right after the beach we went to the ruins of Cesareia which are fantastic. It was a major Roman port and several Roman governors lived there. There is an amphitheatre just by the beach and the ruins are amazingly well preserved, specially of the part where the nobility would stay to indulge themselves in all sorts of things.

One can tell they had a great time there. It is very beautiful.

We came back and I got a bit drunk in one of the few Pubs that dares to open during the Shabbat. Very religiously incorrect...