Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Israel Blues

Just as you thought this would start getting into place and boring two not so nice things shook up my stay today July 02.
The first thing was a crazed Paletinian dude who decided to drive through a check point and kill as many Israelis he could with his tractor right here in center town Jerusalem. He managed to turn over two buses injure tens of people and kill four of them. The police ended intervening and shooting him in the head.
There were Palestinian appologists saying that the "poor guy" was out of his mind because of the "ocupation" and the police acted too harshly in killing him. I mean, what is this? blaming the Jews for when the Jews get killed?? these kind of things make me go madder than I already am!
The way the Israelis take it is similar to the way brazilians react to news of some crazy stuff that happens there, oh... I know someone who was in a much worse situation... There is no way out to this situation.. Welcome to Israel... all that sort of stuff...
With tough words being directed to Iran and this happening at the same time one gets the sense that one is in a country under seige but one also gets the sense that the people unite when in danger and there is a very strong common sense of national security and getting together, which is almost ancestral in Jewish history and is part of Israel's DNA.
The other this was more personal and even more disconcerting. I discovered that someone, sowhere here in Israel cloned my debit card and stole a respectable sum out of my bank account. Add this to the fact that that I was ripped off by the Airline coming here and you get a good reason for being pissed off.
Anyways I phoned the bank and they have cancelled my card, they actually did block it at the time and I actually phoned them up to unblock it. This makes me just a bit hopeful because they said that if it is proven it as fraud they will give me back the money.
The card has been cancelled so I am in that frightful situation of being in a foreign country without any money and without a card to pay for things.
I phoned the HR manager a bit late at night in a mixture of a need to talk to someone and of panic asking her to pay at least part of my salary in cash, she said it was fine so at least there is a releif in this aspect, and as I told her, better this than being tragically run over by a truck when you are walking inocently down a Jerusalem street.
I take this a bit philosophically, perhaps it is a way to pay for some of my sins, or bad karma, hopefully things will get better after this.

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